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6 Steps to Spring Cleaning

Nicole LeBon

Nicole LeBon is an experienced marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts focused on Public Relations and Advertising...

Nicole LeBon is an experienced marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts focused on Public Relations and Advertising...

Apr 9 4 minutes read

We're all spending more time inside these days...If you’re like us the words “spring” and “cleaning” in the same sentence usually makes us turn the other way, but in an effort to add some structure to our days and get ahead on spring cleaning, we've created six easy steps to help you with your Spring cleaning! Whether you're waiting on this uncertainty to pass before listing your home or you just want to tidy up a bit around the house - this is for you!  Happy cleaning!


1. Pantry, Freezer & Fridge 

Remember those frozen pretzels you bought last year when you were craving them? They’ve probably expired or will stay in there for another year so it’s probably best to toss them. Go through your pantry, fridge and freezer to get rid of all expired and unwanted food items. Pro Tip: Discard bulky packaging in the pantry to clear up some space. To keep food fresh and things organized, we ordered these containers and labels.

2. Spices & Condiments 


Did you know that spices lose their flavor over time?  This would be a great time to purchase some fresh staple spices and throw out the old stuff that has been sitting in your spice rack for years. We purchased these affordable glass spice jars and labels to give our pantry a fresh feel. Pro tip: stick with the basics: salt, pepper, red chili flakes, dried herbs, garlic powder & onion powder.

3. Drawers & Countertops  


Before diving too deep in grandma’s china we’ll start small. Everyone has at least one (or two) junk drawers in their kitchen. Clean these out first, throw away any actual “junk” and organize the rest.  Remove everything from the kitchen counter tops and wipe down. Pro tip: To make life easier during the week, we pulled out these glass jars for a quick grab and go snack. Clearly, we like cookies...

4. Cabinets 


Now we can dive into the good stuff. If you’re the type of person who loves getting free cups at every event you go to or has way too many plates it may be time to part ways. You can donate anything you don’t need or toss anything that’s been used too much. Pro Tip: don't forget to show your coffee maker some love! Do you remember the last time you've washed out the water reservoir? You can clean it with a simple water and vinegar solution.  

5. Shelfs 


We all know that there are some dust bunnies hiding on the top shelf. Remove all items and wipe down shelfs. We love these floating shelfs for easy access to our glassware. We cracked open the whiskey cabinet and  dusted off the bottles before moving them to their new home. We also had wire baskets that we repurposed for produce! Pro tip: The baskets allow air to circulate under the fruits and veggies!

6. Closets 


We all have that one closet that we cram stuff into, but we never take the time to clean it out. Nows your chance! Focus on items that you will utilize often to avoid having to dig them out in the future. We stuck with the essentials; toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and cleaning supplies. We also added some large affordable baskets from home goods to store miscellaneous items. If you haven’t heard of Maire Kondo yet, she has great tips on how declutter and organize . Check them out here.

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